Why is made-to-order better for the planet? The pre-order method is a model in which we do not work by stock, but make each garment only to order, thus avoiding overproduction and reducing our environmental impact. Textile overproduction is a big problem in the fashion industry, it is unknown how much clothing is produced and not sold each year.

Some estimate that in large retail chains, approximately 10% of garments go unsold. Huge quantities of clothing are made only to end up in landfills. This means wasted fabric, dyes, excessive environmental impacts. It is a burden with no benefit to anyone, some brands reportedly burn excess production to make room for new collections, at miranda conception we believe in going a different way by making under pre-order.

It's about making a thoughtful purchase, not buying on impulse, but considering the whole process behind a garment conception miranda, take pride in knowing that you are making a conscious choice, we know it's not easy if you are not used to buying in advance, but these changes are what make the difference. Besides, who doesn't want to enjoy wearing a unique piece?

When we see the value in sustainable processes, quality garments and caring for the planet, this method of buying is not a problem, but a benefit!!!!

"Your consumption can change the world" and reward fair and responsible production models".

Maureen Vega & Nathalia Concepción


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Our pieces are objects of desire to treasure, they are made to last over time and whenever you wear them you will feel wonderful, unique and special.

Nathalia Concepcion Miranda