VOGUE Our statement that the impossible does not exist!

"A few years ago on December 31st we wrote down in our dream list that Concepción Miranda would appear in VOGUE, we didn't know how or when, but we released it to the universe with the fire of our faith that it would happen."

Concepción Miranda Vogue


And today our message to culminate this 2020 is to dream big, every new year write with dates your short, medium and long term goals, do not stop trusting, because there is an infinite universe in possibilities preparing you to receive what you asked for, every day be grateful for the situations that fill us with joy, but also the most complex situations, because all the lessons challenge us to challenge our strengths, help us to ignite the unbreakable spirit of our being.  "Fill your life with love, with dreams, with laughter and be thankful for all that is and all that will be."

Vogue Concepción Miranda
Our Maggie Dress, Brisa Blouse and Karena Skirt in British Vogue 

From our hearts we wish you that all your goals and dreams come true. A big hug and a wonderful 2021, thank you for allowing us to continue growing and being part of your lives, with love the Concepción Miranda family.

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Nathalia Concepcion Miranda