Adriana Acosta usando nuestro Bali Crop Top, Fotografía de Tania Campos.


We are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Adriana and shed light on such an important topic for all of us women who are mothers.  We want to tell you the story behind Morethanmilk_cr and the creative mind that created this wonderful space Adriana Acosta, when we found her Instagram account, we connected with the information she shares, as they are a constant light and guide in our journey as mothers. We have navigated raising our families, a topic that is not talked about enough is the breastfeeding process, as beautiful as it is challenging, like a boat from one side to the other, sailing between happiness and exhaustion, always looking for advice, guidance and an open exchange of ideas and inspiration to give our children breast milk, but still many times it is not achieved.  

 Adri lived this experience with Olivia her first daughter, she had a deferred breastfeeding for 1.6 years, Olivia never latched on to the breast and developed nipple-teat confusion, she preferred the pacifier to the breast and this caused Adriana to have mastitis every month, with her second child she was able to breastfeed and thus this network of support and advice was born, Adri understood the pros and cons of the two experiences and this allowed her to give a real approach to the challenges and difficulties that can be found at this stage. If you want to know more about nutrition, production, delayed breastfeeding, breast latching, why it hurts, tips, myths and much more we invite you to visit her website.

Instagram @morethanmilk_cr


Adriana Acosta usando nuestro Bali Crop Top, Fotografía de Tania Campos.

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